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Master Color & Color Correction
Master Cut & Razor Cut

Daciel's talent has showcased him in several fashion shows sponsored by Wella as a hairdresser. Daciel's passion guides him, as Master Cut & Colorist of Minimal Hair, and he continues to obtain certificates for specialty services keeping up with the latest hairstyling techniques and trends.


As a resident of Miami Lakes, he seeks to fulfill his dream to provide the best and most unique service to the community of Miami Lakes . As a hairdresser, Daciel's goal is to maintain your hair looking beautiful, but most importantly, healthy. He achieves that by using the best products on the market and using his magnificent cutting techniques.

Daciel is a perfectionist and his passion as a hairdresser guarantees that his service will be nothing less than perfect. Daciel's expertise in the beauty industry plays a major impact on his determination to provide the best education to his clients he believe knowledge is the key for clients satisfaction and successful hairdressers. Now At  ADAZZLES in Miami lakes 

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